Zip Chem Aviation products

CICs - Soft Coat Self Healing / Penetrating Oils


Cor-Ban 22 - soft coat self healing type CIC. Like Cor-Ban 27L it provides >4000 hours corrosion resistance on steel as tested to ASTM B-117. Though not listed it meets the requirements of the following specifications: BMS 3-23 Type II, AIMS 0908-001 Type I Grade 2, AIMS 0908-002 Type II Grade 1, Mil-PRF-16173 Class 1 Grade 2 and Mil-PRF-16173 Class 1 Grade 3





D-5010NS /ZC-010 - powerful penetrating oil and corrosion inhibitor formulated to dissolve rust, disperse water and leave a protective film that resists corrosion. Industrial applications include Solar Turbine's ES9-249 spec for long-term storage protection of gas turbine engines and turbo gas compressors


Please contact one of DGE's local members or DGE direct to find out more about Zip-Chem's avionic corrosion protection products performance advantages. Naturally we stock aerosol and bulk products in our European warehouse facilities.