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Distributors Group Europe

Distributors Group Europe b.v.

Distributors Group Europe (DGE) was established in 1996 by several European based specialty chemical distributors. DGE is based in the Netherlands however the market we serve is Europe.

For our members we provide a central marketing and sales support for the introduction of new products while also functioning as a knowledge reference center for the group. For our suppliers we provide a single platform whereby our partners can market their products through a network of specialty chemical distributors.

Local sales teams

DGE's members are independently owned technically oriented distributors. Each local member is focused on making specialty chemical products simple to use and understand in their home market while meeting their customer's ever changing product performance needs.

Local market knowledge

DGE celebrated it’s 20th anniversary in 2016. Our members have been serving their local markets on average >50 years. This local market presence allows us to offer our partners an extensive customer base per market; one whose product application needs are met through our experienced local sales organizations. And we do this in more than 20 European countries.

DGE members overview

Member Representing DGE in Founded in
Antala Portugal, Spain and UK 1996
ATF Russia 2005
Costenoble Germany 1953
Credimex Switzerland 1949
Diatom Denmark 1964
Endüstri Teknik Turkey 1961
G.A. Lindberg Chemtech Sweden 1944
Lindberg & Lund Norway 1986
Mascherpa Italy 1904
Mavom Benelux 1938
Mercouris Greece 1979
Samaro France 1976
Tewipack Germany 1972
Texma Israel 1951
Ulbrich Austria and Eastern Europe 1949
YTM Finland 1977

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